Highland View turns 100!

Highland View was the name of the subdivision consisting of Adair Ave. and Highland View east of Todd, as well as the eastern portion of Drewry St. and Greenwood Ave. (it's not clear where the border was).

There were some houses in the area before June 29, 1911. But on that date the first ad for the Highland View subdivision was printed in the Atlanta Georgian newspaper.

That, for me, is the "birthday" of our part of Virginia Highland.

So on June 29, 2011, she turned 100!

(See also a curious story from Adair and Highland from 1916!)

Here is the June 29, 1911 ad. "Two car lines" refers to the Ponce and Highland streetcar lines. (The Nine Mile Circle line was gone by then). Water, sewer, electric, gas and views! One less glorious memory: this was 5 years after the 1906 race riot and many residents looked forward to living in an all-white neighborhood.

And on July 15, 1911 this article appeared. Note they refer to the "section" (neighborhood) as "Druid Hills"! Also, what is now Rupley, as well as the north side of the eastern block of Adair, was "Vineyard Park"...

Here are some pictures I took from an original poster advertising the lot sales:

The Great Adair Arc Light Controversy of 1916

The Arc Light Controversy raged between neighbors in what is now the Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia in 1916. Dr. C.O. Jones (pastor of Trinity Methodist Church) lived in a house on North Highland Avenue at the corner of Adair Avenue; while The W.G. McDaniels lived in the adjacent house to their back on Adair Avenue. The neighborhood had funded an "arc lamp" over the intersection of Highland and Adair, but Dr. Jones allegedly had it partly painted black so it wouldn't shine into their 2nd floor bedroom. Also, the Joneses had built a wall at the back of their property, "hiding" the McDaniels' house – neighbors stated this was out of spite. Dr. Jones called Mrs. McDaniel's statement that he had had the lamp painted a lie, prompting her father Rev. Atkinson of Douglasville to defend her besmirched honor.